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  • Use of p2.8xlarge GPU server worth $5k
  • Proactively uncover business critical insights
  • Make historically complex ETLs simple with high performance GPUs 
  • Analyse more data, faster, with a platform built on PostgreSQL
  • Unlock parallel processing for JOINs on GPU

The fastest and most advanced GPU database in the world

BrytlytDB enables an agile and future-proofed approach to data. Introducing speed, context, and AI intelligence to massive amounts of data, BrytlytDB transforms how you perform analytics.

Business and customer data is growing faster than ever. BrytlytDB ensures you stay ahead of the curve by enabling you to consolidate, combine and analyse vast and complex datasets at the speed of thought.

It can be used to proactively uncover business critical insights across all departments, giving you greater competitive advantage. Whether it’s intelligence on business operations, market demand, or new revenue opportunities, BrytlytDB can leverage your datasets to drive success.

Based on PostgreSQL, BrytlytDB is already highly compatible with most existing systems and a range of well-known platforms. This enables a fast and easy implementation process while also significantly enhancing functionality.

Accommodating a wide range of sizes, sources and types of data; BrytlytDB accelerates your time to intelligence.

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